We realize that your yacht represents a significant investment to you, both financial and emotional. Some of our customers want to be on board and keeping an eye on things while work is being performed on the vessel.

Unfortunately, boat owners, family, friends, pets, yacht brokers, surveyors, boat washers and technicians performing other services on board while mechanical work is being done is risky and counterproductive.

Unnecessary personnel on board can be at risk for falling into open hatches or tripping on tools. Systems that have been intentionally turned off can be turned on at great risk to the technician and the system.

When a technician is working on a boat, focus and concentration are required. Distractions can cause errors or omissions. When a technician makes a mistake because they were distracted by others on board, who is responsible? If nobody else is on the boat, there is no question about who is responsible for an oversight.

When someone takes an automobile to a repair facility, they are not allowed to stand next to the mechanic and watch him work. In this, marine repair should be no different. Our insurance provider and our technicians do not want the customer or other parties on board while work is being performed, so that is our policy. This prevents dangerous situations and lost time and gets us a break on our insurance premiums. 

We realize this policy might be a cause of frustration and appreciate your understanding that this is for the safety of you, your vessel, and our technicians. This policy does not mean we will not meet with you on board your vessel, just not when the hatches are open and the tools are out.

First Watch Marine is happy to meet with you before and after a project in  undertaken. Beforehand, we can review the boat setup with you, go over the scope of the project, and we will be happy to discuss any questions
you have. After a project is completed, we look at it with you and verify the work so you can see that it was done properly and the boat is being returned to you as clean or cleaner than when the project started.

To speak to a First Watch Marine representative call (619) 916-1730 or send us an email at info@firstwatchmarine.com

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