First Watch Marine offers regular vessel inspection programs. These programs are ideal for the boat owner who lives out of town for part or all of the year, or who is too busy to visit the boat regularly yet wants to make sure the vessel and her systems are turn-key and ready to go so when the opportunity comes up to go boating.

We offer monthly or bi-monthly inspection intervals, or we can provide 1-time only or specified-term monthly inspections. Vessel inspections include verifying that the vessel is properly secured in the slip, the exterior is inspected, all mechanical system’s fluid levels and condition are checked and engines and generators are run at temperature and generator is run under load to verify output, engines and generator are visually inspected while running for leaks or other problems, shore power and battery charging are checked for proper operation, batteries are inspected and electrolyte topped up if needed, intake strainers are checked and cleaned if needed, air conditioning systems are tested, propeller shaft seals and rudder seals are inspected, freshwater tanks are topped off and the pump tested and water run through all mixers, marine sanitation systems are checked for proper operation, bilges, bilge pumps, and sump boxes are tested, navigation electronics / VHF radios are fired up and tested, and equipment such as thrusters, windlass, spotlights and trim tabs are operated. You can see a copy of our Vessel Inspection Checklist here

Pricing for vessel inspection services vary, depending of vessel size and complexity, location, and frequency of inspections. If you are interested, please give us a call with your vessel information and location and we will send you a free quotation for service personalized for your yacht. 

To speak to a First Watch Marine representative call (619) 916-1730 or send us an email at

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